Alia + Zuhair – Next Day Edit

Every bride wants her wedding to be uniquely special and worth remembering. Some stand out because of breathtaking decor, others for a mouthwatering menu and then there are those weddings that are admired especially because of the love so noticeably shared between the couple and their families.

Alia and Zuhair’s wedding was memorable because it so beautifully encompassed each of these components, if not more.

Alia designed four of her outfits, including that of her wedding ceremony and reception. A hugely successful decision on her part, for she wowed all present. Her desire to do something creative was demonstrated at every event, from menhndi, to sangeet to wedding ceremony.

Ultimately, what made Alia and Zuhair stand out as a couple was their strength of confidence and attention to detail, as this Next Day edit illustrates. Zuhair’s calm, collected demeanor is the perfect balance to Alia’s bubbly personality. In our opinion, this couple had an ideal harmony of elements to make their wedding definitely worth remembering.