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Simran + Garry – Next Day Edit

At times, and somewhat unfairly to the bride and groom, much attention is drawn to the business and complexity of South Asian weddings, and not a whole lot is left to spare on the bride and groom themselves. This next wedding however, was outstanding in its ability to evoke a warm understanding of the bride and groom, for even its tiniest details spoke volumes about who they were as a couple.

Classy, fun and full of heart- from attire and decor to the enormity of their wedding party- it was evident that Simran and Gary cared just as much about those dearest to them feeling included and enjoying themselves as much as they did.

A sense of family was very much felt and celebrated by all present, and the jesting and merriment did not cease for a moment. Simran and Gary were married with the greatest blessing, the overwhelming warmth and support of two very loving families.

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Destination Mexico – Franky + Neema – Wedding Film

It’s been a little while since we have shared a destination wedding with you…and fortunately, that is about to change. Recently, our travels took us to beautiful Cancun, Mexico where we filmed at the tropically luxe Moon Palace Resort as we covered Franky and Neema’s 5-day wedding affair.

For those of you who are familiar with South Asian wedding planning, you’ll know that destination weddings can be an added challenge when trying to coordinate all of the crucial, colorful often complicated particulars that are such a regular part of our wedding festivities. Somehow, (with much credit to Neema’s excellent organization skills) this destination wedding seemed to set a new standard when it came to mishap- free functionality. Both bride and groom were relaxed, nothing felt overly hurried or drawn out and the overall atmosphere was one that induced a feel- good attitude.

Neema’s vision for her wedding was elegant and understated. Their decor, wedding attire and choice of venue were perfectly flattering to her concept and breathtaking for their uniqueness.

Hear more from the couple themselves on season 2 of The Wedd Lounge. Until then, mix yourself a fruity concoction, add a paper umbrella and drink in the Cancun sunshine as Franky and Neema show us how traditional meets tropical in this wedding film

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Ashley + Manny – Next / Same Day Edit

Many of our Wedd Lounge regulars will recognize this couple- Ashley and Manny- stylish, collected and sharp (watch their episode here). Nerves can tend to get in the way where weddings and cameras are concerned, but this next-day edit serves as evidence that these two were comfortable and just as much fun to work with on-screen as they were off.

The weather was picturesque for their outdoor wedding, a perfect spring sunshine radiated upon them as they exchanged their vows in two ceremonies- South Indian and Sikh- both occurring on the same day. Ashley was very particular about what she wanted, and it was her desire to ensure the day’s events were efficiently executed and exactly what her and Manny hoped it would be. Ashley had her make-up artist on site as she sported a different look for each ceremony, and given the constraints of time and a few glitches throughout the day- they managed to create two separate but equally stunning looks for her. Manny, was more laid- back and relaxed in his manner. He laughs first and solves later, and it was an attitude that came in handy when he discovered that he had forgotten his pants for his wedding attire on the morning of the wedding. Thanks to the speedy problem- solving skills of their reliable planners, Arora Weddings, they were able to find an alternative that as per Manny’s style, kept his worried bride calm and… you guessed it…smiling.

It was an intimate affair in the most quaint of settings. Ornate structures were set against a backdrop of gorgeous pastel fabrics, with delicate floral touches throughout the venue. They celebrated their union in the presence of close friends and family, and true to the objective of all healthy marriages, even when things did not always run smoothly during the day, Ashley and Manny were heartwarmingly supportive of each other, and smiled together, when it was needed most.

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Ritu + Sumit – Next Day Edit


Ritu and Sumit are the kind of couple one can’t help but fall in love with- simply by observing how profoundly captivated they are by each other. While their wedding was vibrant, full of colors and traditional sounds, good company and delicious tastes- it was an occasion worth celebrating because of the feel-good, harmonizing energy between the couple.

We have worked with the family on nearly a dozen weddings. Our last with them was 2 years ago, so it was a pleasure to see yet another couple in the family achieve this milestone together.

The pre-wedding festivities were warm, light-hearted and fun; Ritu and Summit truly seemed to share in each other’s shining-eyed excitement. Their creative baraat was an exceptional way to up the ante for the bride’s entrance and nervous as she might have been as she walked through those doors- her eyes never left Summit’s. Their remarkable chemistry undoubtedly provided a most satisfying ambience for the ceremony.

Their wedding was full of character, and the atmosphere one of love. Together, Ritu and Summit were celebrated not only for the spectacular time they provided their guests, but for the privilege all present were bestowed in seeing love at its best- youthful, fresh and passionate.

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Farah + Nadeem – Next Day Edit

Farah and Nadeem were no strangers to us here at Film Style Weddings, as we had worked a few times before with the family, and even had the pleasure of capturing her sister’s wedding. As many times as it has happened to us, it never seems to get old- working with a families such as theirs, relationships are gradually developed that far surpass the professional kind. These families, have a tremendous culture of tradition, support and love and the union between the two, thanks to Farah and Nadeem was heartwarming to behold for all present.

Farah was a delightful fusion between the modern bride, inspired by pinterest and all things crafty, yet there was a strong sense of respect for older traditions and practices that could be seen in many of the finer details as well. She knew exactly what she envisioned, and was extremely efficient in organizing her ideas and ensuring that her partners executed them. Her success in doing so, had a lot to do with being confident at the drawing board, but furthermore, having that confidence in her partners as well. To all brides who are in the planning stage- trusting your partners is key! With Farah as evidence, do your research beforehand and you shall be quite happy with the end result.

Nadeem was the perfect complement to her bubbly attitude. More of a technical
sort, he allowed Farah to work with more of the details and prioritized the fulfillment of her wishes. He was a stylish, friendly and very personable groom. Far from uninvolved, his laid- back attitude was an invaluable asset on the day of the ceremony as it rained much more than expected. While their photo shoot was impacted, his good humor allowed all to pull through with a smile and that is exactly the kind of mindset one needs on one of the most important days of their life. Nothing was going to get in the way. If anything did…it was the constant reminder that this was a couple who were going to be happy, organized and always creative for a very VERY long time. Enjoy!

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Shamsa + Nabeel – Official Trailer

Shamsa and Nabeel’s wedding was the kind that reminds us of what a marriage really celebrates- a shining new love between two individuals, their families, and a spirited sense of togetherness.

Each of their wedding functions was full of mirth, laughter and excitement- the guests seemed just as happy to be there as the bride and groom were. The decor was colorfully ornate and tasteful each day, and their reception backdrop incorporated a magnificently starry, shimmering fabric- something we are sure will become a trend in evening reception decor.

Shamsa made a beautiful bride, her use of jewel tones and warm hues in each of her outfits complemented her stunningly. Nabeel was a smiling, good-natured groom who wore his happiness as proudly as his wedding attire. Together, they were the picture of a blissful bride and groom, looking forward to their future together and surrounded by the company and well- wishes of their family and friends.

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Destination Calgary – Emy + Nancy – Wedding Film

In our line of work, we are called upon to do all kinds of weddings. Big, small, extravagant, minimalist…you name it, and we’ve probably had the luck of capturing it. As a result, we have travelled across the world and have bore witness to many unique traditions and cultures. Days can be just as long as nights, jet lag must be quickly overcome and rest between trips is a commodity that is used sparingly. But when you love what you do, you learn more each time you do it- and Emy and Nancy’s wedding in particular, reinforced that for us in a very real and meaningful way.

We were no strangers to this family, as we worked with Emy’s sister four years ago and filmed her wedding celebrations in Nigeria (click here) and Toronto (click here).  A large, lively bunch with a lot of love to go around…we were excited to be a part of their lives once more.  The day before the wedding, we had another ceremony in Vancouver we were working on which ended at 11 pm. A next-day edit needed to be complete by the following day, but our team had a flight to Calgary at 7 am in order to make it to Emy and Nancy’s ceremony. By midnight, we set to work on the next-day edit, completed it by 5 am, rushed to the airport and within minutes were boarding our flight to Calgary. We reached our destination right on time and headed to meet Emy and Nancy as their wedding festivities were scheduled to begin shortly afterward. Thanks to the wizardly film-making skills our team has acquired over the last few years… we successfully managed no sleep in a total of 62 hours. (Loving what you do is definitely key for pulling something like that off. Not to be attempted otherwise.)

Emy and Nancy had a beautiful church ceremony and Nigerian style reception to follow. Their wedding was full of character, replete with colorful splendor, tasteful decor, and fantastic energy. To interested brides and grooms- there are lots of fashionable pieces to keep watch out for as well. Feathers are a big trend this wedding season and no wonder, when they look as gorgeous as Nancy’s feathered skirt does. She looked perfectly divine as she floated down the aisle in the halo of feathers that frothed around her bodice. Emy’s exquisite shoes made it very clear whose special day it was, and it’s always nice to see grooms take as much pride in their wardrobes as brides are wont to do. Red was the color of the evening, and it created a strikingly romantic and bold ambience. Tall crystal vases, glittering chandeliers and sumptuous florals were everywhere one turned. The many fabrics, textures and ornate headdresses donned by the bride and ladies in attendance were also eye- catching in their appeal. Every minute detail was worth noting.

In Emy’s touching address to his mother, we saw a side to him that is often difficult for grooms to reveal. His voice was still that of the little boy who needed the comfort his mother’s love, the gratitude he felt as a young man to her and the eagerness to share a new kind of familial love with the beautiful bride by his shoulder.

When one has the chance to capture life’s moments like that for a living, and forge strong bonds with different people as they experience milestones in their personal journeys…no sleep is not much of a price to pay.

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Ali + Komal – Next/Same Day Edit

If there were ever an award for an outstanding display and range of colours in a wedding- Ali and Komal’s would be a top contender. Their use of mouthwateringly bright, invigorating colors is the quintessence of every decorator’s dream. Their switch to sheer, shimmering fabrics, glowing candlelight and cool, elegant whites for their reception decor was the perfect finish to their week of vibrant events.

The couple had a very traditional muslim ceremony and stylish modern reception. A visible chemistry shared between the bride and groom was noted in each event, for despite the conservative tone of certain rituals- the energy in the air was full of excitement and a new, sacred kind of love. Komal wowed their guests in her spectacular bridal attire and there was hardly a moment that Ali was not smiling. Both were looks that wedding fashion police would applaud.

Ali and Komal are both very family- oriented and it was clear that each of them had long desired a large, stylish wedding. It was indeed an occasion with plenty of family, good cheer and fun married with uniquely feel-good aspects like group performances, adorable messages for the couple, a breathtaking fireworks show and floating Japanese lanterns. It was truly a whirlwind of colors and deep emotions which even for us, too soon, came to an end. Congrats to the couple!

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Monica + Christian – Wedding Film

When you watch this wedding film, you’ll understand why Monica and Christian’s fusion wedding is one of our favorites. It was an interesting medley of French and Indian influences that was entertainingly original and tastefully put together.

The wedding took place at the stately Graydon Manor Hall, with the ceremony held outdoors against an intimate backdrop of private gardens, tall floral arches and crisp greenery.  The sun shone down jubilantly on this couple as they pledged their vows in the company of their on-looking friends and loved ones. Our groom Christian had gone above and beyond to make sure everything went exactly as Monica wanted on her special day and one can tell by the immensely satisfied looks on their faces, they both got just that.

Monica scored major bride points as she made quite a statement with her choice in the design of blouses and jewelry she wore. Glamorous from head to toe, she turned heads wherever she went. In addition, her bridesmaids were a perfect complement to her ornate red and white lengha in their dazzling gold sarees. The jewels create a kaleidoscope of color when they are caught in the sunlight- an awesome style tip for outdoor brides looking for bridesmaid wear.  The bride and her girls weren’t the only ones to inspire wardrobe ideas however, as Christian and his groomsmen had a few tips of their own to share. As you’ll see in the video, they were full of solutions that afternoon as the men quickly searched YouTube just moments before the ceremony on how to make handkerchiefs. What better than men dressed sharply in suits who are as handsome as they are resourceful? Another point for Monica.

There was no shortage of entertainment that evening, with French and Indian inspired dances, a Gatsby-style performance and a romantic piece by the couple; guests watched on in awe in between visits to the poker table, the bar and the incredible culinary arrangements on site. Amidst all the merry-making, the event was not without its mixed emotions for the bride and groom.  Christian had lost his father and Monica her mother, so although it was an occasion to look to the future, it was also a time of reflection for them both. The song used in the video highlights this, and is particularly significant as it discusses the trials and tribulations a couple faces before they reach a unifying stage in their relationship.  Hats off to Monica and Christian for an exquisitely poignant evening.

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Gagan + Harjeet – Same Day Edit

For Gagan and Harjeet – it was all in the details. Their events were a constant visual feast for both guests and the camera alike. From the jewelry and outfits to the wedding stationery and favors, deep jewel tones pervaded many of the feature accents in this wedding and helped to create a most majestic feel.

There was a climactic build-up in color scheme and décor over the course of events, with the ceremony focusing on light pastels, a demure and pretty mixture of creams, pinks, oranges and peaches. This was offset by a unique dupatta the bride donned, which was a blend of orange, pink and red. Upon seeing the exquisite garment, one immediately conjures to mind a spring blossom. For brides looking to infuse a bit of their own creativity into traditional bridal wear- it was a beautiful touch.

In contrast, the palette used at the reception incorporated deeper hues, lighted trees which made for an enchanted feel, and royal details such as water fountains surrounded by stallions and eye-catching decorative peacocks.

But details alone do not complete a wedding, and there were plenty of all the other goodies that make up this list; lots of music, dancing, delicious food and playful mischief. As plainly as it is seen in this clip, Gagan and Harjeet were married in regal style, surrounded by the love of their family and friends.

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