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Nakita + Amir – Wedding Film

Elegance and beauty are some of the words that describes Nakita + Amir’s Wedding in Miami. Although the wedding was spread over couple of days, there was really no shortage of events. Things kicked off with Pooja and Sangeet events at bride’s backyard followed by spectacular outdoor wedding the next day. The bride’s and groom’s attire were elegant and regal which complimented really well with the outfits on both sides of the family.

That same evening, a mini reception was held, featuring some mouth watering dessert that lead to the main reception the following day. Each event had it’s own feel and persona. It wasn’t just Nakita and Amir who spent their time every detail but also a big hand goes to both set of parents for making sure, nothing was left out.

Nakita + Amir come from very humble families with that are tied together for more than a generation. Ultimately, what made them stood out as a couple was their strength of confidence and attention to detail, as this wedding film illustrates.

And the chemistry between them is so silent that it screams nothing but love.

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Malay + Abhira – Same Day Edit / Concept Film

Graceful & Classy are the words that we associate with Malay & Abhira. They had an elegant wedding which brought forward two different cultures together. A Gujrati & a South Indian. Our bride Abhira demands perfection in every sense of the word and that is evident in her outfits.

Abhira designed four of her outfits, including that of her wedding ceremony and reception. This was a hugely successful decision on her part since she wowed all the guests. Her desire to do something creative was demonstrated at every event, from mehndi, to sangeet, to wedding ceremony.

Our groom is one of the calmest individuals we have ever come across. Regardless of how stressful the situation might be, he will always have a sense of calmness on his face.

Their wedding festivities were held at various venues including the prestigious Liberty Grande and Arcadian Court.

In addition, we created a visual concept film for them entitled The Secret of Eternity. This film introduced them before they made their grand entrance at the Reception.

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Sonia + Manny -Multi Million $ Wedding Extravaganza -Next / Same Day Edit

Sonia and Manny’s wedding extravaganza will leave you starry-eyed and breathless. If you are planning your own wedding it is chock full of inspiration, so much so, it is featured in the current issue of WedLuxe magazine which is in stores now. This is the second time we have had our work highlighted in Wedluxe, and when you take a look at this wedding, rest assured, your highly coveted vision boards will come to life right before your eyes.

The wedding was sparklingly luxe and bespoke in theme, and our bride Sonia went above and beyond in making sure everything was custom and precisely as she pictured. There are a number of ways to make a statement at one’s wedding, and Sonia chose all of the right ones. Her wedding stationery was regally bold and colorful, hand-selected and carefully planned. Her ceremony invitations were printed by the same store in India that created Abhishek and Ashwariya’s. The outstanding Paleterra did her reception invitations, and their effect was both iconic and luxurious in design.

The stunning red bridal lengha that she wore was fabricated by the famous Sabya Sachi, replete with all of the fine handiwork and crystals that brides dream about. Sonia’s gown for the reception was designed by Ines Di Santo, with a sweeping skirt and a jeweled neckline that dazzled every which way she turned.

Sonia entrusted Dream Party Décor with the responsibility of making her dream wedding a reality, and together, they scored a perfect 10 in achieving that. From the Mehendi to Reception, there was not a detail missed. A live camel was even present at the Sangeet! For the Milni ceremony at the Gurdawar, a red carpet entrance fit for a king heralded Manny. (Brides, this is an impressively thoughtful touch, although this day is very much about you- the grooms deserve a bit of the fanfare too).

Floral design is a key piece in creating an extravagant look at any event. Going to extremes this year, floral backdrops are making waves in events around the world – and in a good way! Sonia did not miss the memo. She left it to Dream Party Décor to implement a floral design into her backdrop for a dramatically lush and romantic effect. To top it all off, when the couple was announced to their audience, the stage revolved to reveal them- poised and statuesque- in front of their gorgeous backdrop. WHAT an entrance!

Sonia and Manny had what many would call a dream wedding, but what makes it truly magical, is the love, support and humility that their respective families have for the couple and toward each other. Both Sonia and Manny declared that it could not have been the fairytale it was, without their families by their sides, and so, how deserving they all were, to share in their children’s dream come true.

Wedding Featured in Prestigious – WedLuxe Magazine
Pre-Wedding Episode – The Wedd Lounge
Planner – Fabulous Occasions
Design & Decor – Dream Party Decor
Wedding Ceremony Custom Dress Sabyasachi
Wedding Reception Custom Dress Ines Di Santo
Branding and Reception Invites Palettera
Wedding Cake Bobbette and Belle
Photography Krista Fox Photography
DJ & Entertainment Empire Entertainment

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Sahil + Abha – Same Day Edit

It doesn’t take much for one person to fall in love with the other. Sometimes, it’s the similar interests or family values that brings them together or at other times, it’s the contrast that helps tie the knot together.

No doubt Sahil and Abha share lots of similaries including family values but one thing that they both share with each other are their contrasting views of “what is” and “what should be”. One of the prime examples that validates this statement is their wedding planning. Everyone wants their wedding to be amazing and have the best people involved to make it unique. Granted Abha and Sahil both wanted their wedding to be unforgettable but former a is more of a realist while latter, may be a little less :)

That being said, their wedding seemed like anything but fantasy. Their ceremony featured a beautiful grand theme of Jodha Akhbar but the reception was just speechless. The Arabian Knights theme set up by Dream Party Decor which was coordinated perfectly with the cake provided by Fine Cakes by Zehra and the flashy floor lighting by The LED Affair.

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Ritu + Sumit – Official Reception Trailer


Ritu and Sumit are the kind of couple one can’t help but fall in love with- simply by observing how profoundly captivated they are by each other. While their wedding was vibrant, full of colors and traditional sounds, good company and delicious tastes- it was an occasion worth celebrating because of the feel-good, harmonizing energy between the couple.

We have worked with the family on nearly a dozen weddings. Our last with them was 2 years ago, so it was a pleasure to see yet another couple in the family achieve this milestone together.

The pre-wedding festivities were warm, light-hearted and fun; Ritu and Summit truly seemed to share in each other’s shining-eyed excitement. Their creative baraat was an exceptional way to up the ante for the bride’s entrance and nervous as she might have been as she walked through those doors- her eyes never left Summit’s. Their remarkable chemistry undoubtedly provided a most satisfying ambience for the ceremony.

Their wedding was full of character, and the atmosphere one of love. Together, Ritu and Summit were celebrated not only for the spectacular time they provided their guests, but for the privilege all present were bestowed in seeing love at its best- youthful, fresh and passionate.

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Shinda + Amrita – Next/Same Day Edit

Leonardo da Vinci once said that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And such sophistication, with yet a distinct simplicity, can be found in Shinda & Amrita. They are a gem of a couple whose sense of style goes beyond anything you may have ever seen at a wedding. Every single element from their outfits to jewelry to decor had so much detail in it, that the word itself falls too short.

Both Shinda + Amrita are complete KOOLKATS. Not only do they have a knack for coordinating outfits for one another but they also carry their outfits and themselves in a fittingly complimentary manner. Their unfeigned positivity regardless of the challenge is a memorably commendable trait that they possess. A fine example of that is the e-mail we received from them a few days before the wedding. In it, the couple disclosed to us that the temple at which they were originally planning to be married was still under construction so they had to pull something together quickly to find a replacement. The email stated, “So luckily we found the perfect Gurudwara for us. It has been pure madness haha but hopefully all goes smoothly now “. That e-mail truly defined their calmness and patience throughout the process and it’s an indispensable, particularly difficult, attitude to have when planning your own wedding.

The gorgeous wedding attire and Chinoesseri theme featured at their reception was jaw- droppingly arresting. Everyone including their partners and guests raved about the stunning outfits,make-up, cake and design concepts. The seamlessness of their planning was simply due to their confident personalities. They knew what they wanted and left everything else to the professionals and the results were spellbinding.

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Nav + Monnie – Wedding Film

All great love stories have one thing in common, a mutual commitment, a strong desire an even more compelling drive between partners to make it worth a lifetime of being together. Nav and Monnie are a quintessential example of this. Her fierce passion for life and humanity and his calm, keen but always firm nature are the fire and Ice every marriage deserves . He is the Yin to her Yang, and it makes for a most impressive harmony between the two.

They had a beautiful traditional Punjabi wedding, replete with all of the family, food and fun to make it memorable. Their reception at Panorama was a stylish twist to the usual south asian reception. An upbeat, cosmopolitan setting provided a great backdrop for an intimate group of friends and family to celebrate the newlyweds and admire the gorgeous view.

Nav and Monnie’s wedding, much like their personalities, was a welcome balance of tradition and modernity, stylish simplicity and further, a pronounced feeling of pure gratification between the two.

Cheers to modern day fairytales. This wedding truly was their dream come true.

You can also learn about their story and post wedding reaction about the wedding dress, decor and music during an episode of The Wedd Lounge below.

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Farah + Nadeem – Official Reception Trailer

Farah and Nadeem were no strangers to us here at Film Style Weddings, as we had worked a few times before with the family, and even had the pleasure of capturing her sister’s wedding. As many times as it has happened to us, it never seems to get old- working with a families such as theirs, relationships are gradually developed that far surpass the professional kind. These families, have a tremendous culture of tradition, support and love and the union between the two, thanks to Farah and Nadeem was heartwarming to behold for all present.

Farah was a delightful fusion between the modern bride, inspired by pinterest and all things crafty, yet there was a strong sense of respect for older traditions and practices that could be seen in many of the finer details as well. She knew exactly what she envisioned, and was extremely efficient in organizing her ideas and ensuring that her partners executed them. Her success in doing so, had a lot to do with being confident at the drawing board, but furthermore, having that confidence in her partners as well. To all brides who are in the planning stage- trusting your partners is key! With Farah as evidence, do your research beforehand and you shall be quite happy with the end result.

Nadeem was the perfect complement to her bubbly attitude. More of a technical sort, he allowed Farah to work with more of the details and prioritized the fulfillment of her wishes. He was a stylish, friendly and very personable groom. Far from uninvolved, his laid- back attitude was an invaluable asset on the day of the ceremony as it rained much more than expected. While their photo shoot was impacted, his good humor allowed all to pull through with a smile and that is exactly the kind of mindset one needs on one of the most important days of their life. Nothing was going to get in the way. If anything did…it was the constant reminder that this was a couple who were going to be happy, organized and always creative for a very VERY long time.

Their reception was full of colors and joy. The upbeat program with some beautiful performances and eye catching act by Fire Thrower left the audience breathless.

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Simran + Garry – Next Day Edit

At times, and somewhat unfairly to the bride and groom, much attention is drawn to the business and complexity of South Asian weddings, and not a whole lot is left to spare on the bride and groom themselves. This next wedding however, was outstanding in its ability to evoke a warm understanding of the bride and groom, for even its tiniest details spoke volumes about who they were as a couple.

Classy, fun and full of heart- from attire and decor to the enormity of their wedding party- it was evident that Simran and Gary cared just as much about those dearest to them feeling included and enjoying themselves as much as they did.

A sense of family was very much felt and celebrated by all present, and the jesting and merriment did not cease for a moment. Simran and Gary were married with the greatest blessing, the overwhelming warmth and support of two very loving families.

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Destination Mexico – Franky + Neema – Wedding Film

It’s been a little while since we have shared a destination wedding with you…and fortunately, that is about to change. Recently, our travels took us to beautiful Cancun, Mexico where we filmed at the tropically luxe Moon Palace Resort as we covered Franky and Neema’s 5-day wedding affair.

For those of you who are familiar with South Asian wedding planning, you’ll know that destination weddings can be an added challenge when trying to coordinate all of the crucial, colorful often complicated particulars that are such a regular part of our wedding festivities. Somehow, (with much credit to Neema’s excellent organization skills) this destination wedding seemed to set a new standard when it came to mishap- free functionality. Both bride and groom were relaxed, nothing felt overly hurried or drawn out and the overall atmosphere was one that induced a feel- good attitude.

Neema’s vision for her wedding was elegant and understated. Their decor, wedding attire and choice of venue were perfectly flattering to her concept and breathtaking for their uniqueness.

Hear more from the couple themselves on season 2 of The Wedd Lounge. Until then, mix yourself a fruity concoction, add a paper umbrella and drink in the Cancun sunshine as Franky and Neema show us how traditional meets tropical in this wedding film

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