Suman + Neeraj – Next Day Edit – Featuring ‘Tujhe Dekha to Yeh Jana Sanam’

Suman & Neeraj

Ever so often, amidst all of the sparkling and glamorous modernity of South Asian wedding trends, a comfortingly refreshing pause can be found in a return to the classics. Be it in vintage style, timeless music or a taste for tradition, it can safely be declared that there is no substitute for the simple, feel-good joys of days past.

Suman and Neeraj sought to recreate this with their wedding, blending old ways with new, in their honest, creative, and loving style. True fans of Bollywood, they searched for just the right music and imagery to convey the significance of the happy-endings all Bollywood heroes and heroines deserve. With Neeraj’s sharp looks and impressive style, and Suman’s playful eyes and infectious laugh…you would almost think they were right out of a Bollywood romance themselves.

Their Sangeet was an absolute visual delight; a nostalgic treat for guests with fun poster features set up by the ever- unique Dream Party Decor. Neeraj’s sister (whose wedding four years ago, we also captured) along with the help of an enthusiastic group of family and friends, had a fantastic performance lined up for her brother and sister in law to be.

As with any wedding, Bollywood or not, love has its moments of pure magic. During the ceremony, the kiss Suman firmly but poignantly places on her father’s hand as he clasps the hands of his daughter and new son, says it all- at the heart of every wedding, no matter the time, place or people, is the greater strength of the families it has forged as one.

Congratulations to our newlyweds and their families on a beautiful union!