This next-day edit is perhaps among the best examples we have of what happens when a bride and groom’s chief desire for themselves and their guests, is to quite simply, have fun.

Simer and Ravin were about as cool, collected and as “Torontonian” as it gets when it came to coordinating wedding details. They were artful in their vision, unafraid of being minimalist at times and of course, it was important to them to find creative ways of showcasing their love of the city. We won’t spoil it by telling you how!

The intimacy of their guest list added to the loving particularity of their wedding events. Despite a smaller crowd, it was a highly energetic, vibrantly-hued affair with resounding laughter, head-turning dance moves and entertaining interaction- comprising the backdrop of sheer fun that so befittingly complemented the personalities of the bride and groom. A spin on the traditional baraat ceremony with groomsmen pulling up in a line of muscle cars to the gurdawara, bespoke bridal wear and a memorably lively photoshoot, Simer and Ravin were able to create an impression that was not only true to their style but to their original purpose- a classy, good time.

Congrats to the newly weds!