Anisha + Kushal – ‎An Indian Fiesta‬ – Destination Mexico

Those of us who are fortunate (crossing fingers) enough to be familiar with big- fat- Indian weddings, know that even destination weddings can turn out to be an elaborate affair. Typically, anywhere between 70-100 guests at a destination wedding can start to feel a little large. This one was An Indian Fiesta. Our adventurous bride and groom, Kushal and Anisha, had 170 guests fly in from all over the world to romantic Cancun, Mexico where they had their wedding at the dreamy, adults-only, Le Blanc Spa Resort.

While a planner is an invaluable resource in these types of scenarios, Kushal and Anisha, despite having to coordinate from afar, were completely involved in the planning process with the wedding planner. From the catering, to florals and off-site itineraries – they took just as much interest to ensure impeccable service and a most memorable weekend for their dear ones.

The group’s mood was buoyant and playful. Warm sunshine, powdery-soft sands and turquoise waters in their welcoming abundance, only added to the constant fun and laughter of the weekend. The choice of a pool party for the guests was a refreshing and creative take on standard pre-wedding activities. Not to mention, it was a visual feast of exotic colors and flavors that left other resort guests drooling at the majesty which is indian wedding tradition. Among many things, one of our favourites was the bride’s choice in Proteas Bouquet for her Wedding.

To this bride and groom, wedding film was extremely important and they wanted us to capture their special days in a story driven manner. We proceeded to take the exciting narrative of that weekend and incorporated some unique visual and sound elements that would help to illustrate the storybook feel of their fairy tale that came to life. Against a backdrop of crashing waves, under clear, open skies, and in the environs of a most unconditional love, we have the privilege of presenting to you- the spirited union of Kushal and Anisha.