Aseem + Hargunn – Wedding Film

Aseem and Hargunn’s wedding was an example of how a couple can bring their families together in celebration of their life most important event.

Things kicked off a day before with a Sangeet with some beautiful decor from Elegance Decor. They crafted a stage that reflected that of couple’s personality and created beautiful mini lounges for guests to sit and mingle at. The Sangeet was fun filled event with a striking entrance by the bride Hargunn. Aseem on the other did what a true gentleman would do. He made sure that he got out of the comfort of his seat and stage and greeted his bride to be. A very sweet touch and guests loved that. To top it all there were some breath taking skits and performances by families and friends on both sides.

The bride and groom had helpfully complementary personalities. Throughout the entire wedding process, Hargunn was calm and collected while Aseem was brimming with energy, enthusiasm and a little bit of stress:) And that’s because he made sure that not a single shred of it fell on Hargunn’s lap.

Aside from the fact that there were many phenomenal elements to their wedding, not to mention, the beautiful ceremony and elegant reception. Normally Ceremonies start in the morning with reception taking away most part of the evening. In this case, things ran a little different which was nice for a change. The ceremony commenced in the evening as the reception ran way past midnight. Regardless of that every guest was attentive and involved in every step of the way.

Truly deserving of marital happiness and success, we wish Aseem & Hargunn much joy and a continued sense of adventure as they journey through life together.