Vikas + Shikha – Next / Same Day Edit

Vikas and Shikha had one of those timeless, feel-good weddings with all of the right ingredients to make it a classic; colorful details, planned surprises and sweeping amounts of love were the focal points of their events.

Both the bride and groom come from a tightly woven circle of family and friends and their participation in the couple’s wedding was a testament to how special they are to them. The bride’s sisters played an important role in the organization of each function, so a note to all of the prospective brides out there- believe it or not, you don’t have to do it ALL by yourself for it to be perfect. Sometimes, as in Shikha’s experience, your loved ones know you best.

Vikas too, is fortunate to be surrounded by a group who dotes on him. His groomsmen were constantly by his side, ensuring all went smoothly under their careful watch. From setting the tone for Vikas’ debonair entrance in a Lamborghini to their knack for cracking jokes to punctuate those rare but golden moments of pre-wedding jitters. That nervousness did not last for long however. Take one look at the adoring gaze Vikas captures his bride in as she makes her way down the aisle toward him- these are the moments that make our job so much more worth it.

It was a pleasure working with this terrific couple and their loving family and we wish them all of the best as they progress into the next exciting chapter of their lives together. Our cameras are ready when you are!
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