Ritu + Hardip – Next / Same Day Edit

The wedding of Ritu + Hardip was a loving event filled with warm moments between friends and family. There was a mutual understanding between the bride and groom, for even its tiniest details spoke volumes about who they were as a couple.

The couple exchanged smiles and chatted during their separate entrances in the gurdwara which is a rarity. Elegant, stunning and full of heart- from colours and decor to the beautiful outfits of their wedding party- it was evident that Ritu and Hardip cared just as much about those dearest to them.

The couple made sure that everyone was included and enjoying themselves as much as they did. Ritu and Hardip were married with the greatest blessing, the overwhelming warmth and support of two very loving families.

Overall, sense of family was very much felt and celebrated by all present, and the jesting and merriment did not cease for a moment not even between the best friend and the bride.