Rishi + Radhika – Next / Same Day Edit

Weddings, you say? Well, they are all about the bride of course!

These days, not so much. Times are changing, grooms- to-be are becoming a much more heard and important voice in the wedding planning process, and why not- it is just as much their day to shine. In the case of Rishi and Radhika, it might have very well seemed as if it was all about the groom, and to add even more of a plot twist for our readers, Radhika was loving every minute of her groom’s spotlight. Who says brides don’t know how to share the glory of their moment?

Rishi and Radhika’s union is especially dear to me, as I have known Rishi for almost 6 years. He has been a guest at numerous weddings that our team has worked over the years and we have covered such a large number of weddings within his own family that I seem to have lost track after the eighth

This couple possesses a very balanced dynamic that helped them tremendously with the stress that often accompanies preparing for the big day. Vibrant and full of energy, Rishi was an enthusiastic perfectionist when it came to making sure that all of the details would seamlessly come together for the events. Radhika was always on hand, calm and collected, and readily available to assure Rishi that while events are rarely ever 100% of the way you expect, they are always entirely yours to make the best of. In that vein, they are only a disappointment if you allow them to be. Rishi is lucky to have such a wise lady by his side.

With my utmost love and respect, I would like to wish this special couple only the best that married life has to offer, and I have a hunch that I will be seeing them very soon, again.