CK + Robin – Next Day Edit

Last year, CK & Robin approached us to capture their wedding festivities in August of 2015. From our initial consultation to further meetings, one of the things that we noticed with both the groom and the bride was their calmness and honesty. And those two traits truly makes matters much easier not only for us but for the couple as well.

Their wedding was full of elegance and character but the most important aspect was family. At all the events, there was a sense of compromise between every individual. It was as if the families had an understanding of respect and love. The highlight from their pre wedding events was how CK proposed to Robin which was followed by him sweeping her off her feet. That beautiful moment is featured in the Next Day Edit.

But we feel the element that really stood out in their wedding was their regal and stunning outfits. Gone are the days when a bride was the one who dressed like a queen. Nowadays the tides are shifting towards grooms and CK made sure that he matched perfectly with his beautiful bride. Along with the matching outfits, they carried themselves in a sophisticated manner.

As always in order to reflect the couple’s personality properly, we always turn towards the music as a source of inspiration. And the choice here blends perfectly with them or so we think 😉