Bhavi + Nina – Next/ Same Day Edit

In affairs such as weddings, while it is much easier said than done, things are likely to go a great deal smoother if there is a general sense of calm about the place. (This can also greatly add to your value as a bridesmaid or groomsman if you manage to do this for your highly anxious bride and/or groom- rack up those brownie points and make it count that they chose you!)

Such was the case with Bhavi and Nina’s wedding weekend, inclusive of pre-wedding events and finally two completely different ceremonies, all in the same day. It helps of course, that our bride and groom were completely trusting in the entire process and confident that they were surrounded by the best quality of family, friends and vendors to share in and contribute to their big day.

The wedding was a combination of Sikh and Hindu traditions and with a lot of careful and thoughtful coordinating, each ceremony took place at its respective temple in one day. The functions were intimate, respectfully planned and equally solemn- a noteworthy tribute to who Bhavi and Nina are as individuals and the kind of balanced union upon which they have embarked.

Not only did this couple know to expect the best from their day, but they knew how to travel in high style as well. A shiny white Maybach was their impressive method of travel for the day, and truth be told/ the first day of the rest of their lives, never looked better.