Roli + Amit – Next / Same Day Edit

Roli and Amit’s wedding will be remembered long after the bridal trousseau is finally packed away and the last of the Thank You cards are mailed out. It was just THAT kind of wedding.

Loads of fun from start to finish; a swank entrance in a ferrari by the groom, the catchy, groovin moves’ of a vibrant bridal party and the heartfelt emotion that swept the room as the bride made her way down the aisle- there were all kinds of ooh and ahh moments that left guests crying, laughing and begging for more.

Weddings we often hear, are supposed to be about the bride and groom. It is, after all, a time for them to look their finest as they celebrate their nuptials in a style signature to them, surrounded by those they love the most. Roly and Amit are clearly two individuals who have their friends and family rooting for them,  just as much as they are rooting for each other. This was especially evident in how emotionally invested their relatives and friends appeared at each event. On top of that, their guests arrived dressed to the nines and ready to party- everyone was going to part of the merrymaking.

Moments of endearing poignance, mischievous fun and joyful celebration were the perfect undertones to carefully planned, and stunningly arranged backdrops and decor.

At the heart of a roaring good time, it was noticeable that a peaceful awe and sense of ceremony would surface ever so often. As history would have it, a good balance is always key to a healthy, successful marriage. What a way to start one! Congrats to Roli and Amit!