Basics of Filming & Editing

And so it begins. My personal desire to pass on knowledge and learning twice over.

In a series of many things to come, on April 19th 2015, I will be teaching an intimate class the basics of production & post production.

This course is designed for people who are complete rookies when it comes to dealing with technical aspects of filming & editing i.e.ISO, F-Stop, Exporting, Codecs, etc.

Do you have loads of footage from vacations and family events and don’t know what to do with it? In this class, we will teach you what’s the best settings to shoot at and how do you bring the footage into an editing software.

This 3.5 hour class will teach you the basics of

Production Post Production


Please note it’s important you bring your own Camera and a Laptop with an Editing software. If you don’t have an editing software, we will send you details how to download copy of Adobe Premiere a week before the class. If you have any footage, that you want to bring, please feel free to, otherwise you will be provided with temporary footage to work with.

The class will be from 1 pm – 4:30 pm on April 19th, 2015 at our studios.

Please note, the purpose of this class is NOT to give you any tips on how to shoot a commercial, music video, wedding or anything else but more so get you going with the basics. There will be more classes in future that will touch upon storytelling aspects.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the class, so we can set you up.

-Early Bird price – $65 + HST
-Price after March 19th – $85 + HST

Once you register, an invoice will be sent to you for payment and as a bonus you will be automatically enrolled into a contest to Win 1 Year Membership of Adobe Creative Cloud Sponsored by Adobe.

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