Nakita + Amir – Wedding Film

Elegance and beauty are some of the words that describes Nakita + Amir’s Wedding in Miami. Although the wedding was spread over couple of days, there was really no shortage of events. Things kicked off with Pooja and Sangeet events at bride’s backyard followed by spectacular outdoor wedding the next day. The bride’s and groom’s attire were elegant and regal which complimented really well with the outfits on both sides of the family.

That same evening, a mini reception was held, featuring some mouth watering dessert that lead to the main reception the following day. Each event had it’s own feel and persona. It wasn’t just Nakita and Amir who spent their time every detail but also a big hand goes to both set of parents for making sure, nothing was left out.

Nakita + Amir come from very humble families with that are tied together for more than a generation. Ultimately, what made them stood out as a couple was their strength of confidence and attention to detail, as this wedding film illustrates.

And the chemistry between them is so silent that it screams nothing but love.