Sahil + Abha – Same Day Edit

It doesn’t take much for one person to fall in love with the other. Sometimes, it’s the similar interests or family values that brings them together or at other times, it’s the contrast that helps tie the knot together.

No doubt Sahil and Abha share lots of similaries including family values but one thing that they both share with each other are their contrasting views of “what is” and “what should be”. One of the prime examples that validates this statement is their wedding planning. Everyone wants their wedding to be amazing and have the best people involved to make it unique. Granted Abha and Sahil both wanted their wedding to be unforgettable but former a is more of a realist while latter, may be a little less 🙂

That being said, their wedding seemed like anything but fantasy. Their ceremony featured a beautiful grand theme of Jodha Akhbar but the reception was just speechless. The Arabian Knights theme set up by Dream Party Decor which was coordinated perfectly with the cake provided by Fine Cakes by Zehra and the flashy floor lighting by The LED Affair.