Shinda + Amrita – Next/Same Day Edit

Leonardo da Vinci once said that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And such sophistication, with yet a distinct simplicity, can be found in Shinda & Amrita. They are a gem of a couple whose sense of style goes beyond anything you may have ever seen at a wedding. Every single element from their outfits to jewelry to decor had so much detail in it, that the word itself falls too short.

Both Shinda + Amrita are complete KOOLKATS. Not only do they have a knack for coordinating outfits for one another but they also carry their outfits and themselves in a fittingly complimentary manner. Their unfeigned positivity regardless of the challenge is a memorably commendable trait that they possess. A fine example of that is the e-mail we received from them a few days before the wedding. In it, the couple disclosed to us that the temple at which they were originally planning to be married was still under construction so they had to pull something together quickly to find a replacement. The email stated, “So luckily we found the perfect Gurudwara for us. It has been pure madness haha but hopefully all goes smoothly now “. That e-mail truly defined their calmness and patience throughout the process and it’s an indispensable, particularly difficult, attitude to have when planning your own wedding.

The gorgeous wedding attire and Chinoesseri theme featured at their reception was jaw- droppingly arresting. Everyone including their partners and guests raved about the stunning outfits,make-up, cake and design concepts. The seamlessness of their planning was simply due to their confident personalities. They knew what they wanted and left everything else to the professionals and the results were spellbinding.