Simran + Garry – Next Day Edit

At times, and somewhat unfairly to the bride and groom, much attention is drawn to the business and complexity of South Asian weddings, and not a whole lot is left to spare on the bride and groom themselves. This next wedding however, was outstanding in its ability to evoke a warm understanding of the bride and groom, for even its tiniest details spoke volumes about who they were as a couple.

Classy, fun and full of heart- from attire and decor to the enormity of their wedding party- it was evident that Simran and Gary cared just as much about those dearest to them feeling included and enjoying themselves as much as they did.

A sense of family was very much felt and celebrated by all present, and the jesting and merriment did not cease for a moment. Simran and Gary were married with the greatest blessing, the overwhelming warmth and support of two very loving families.