Ritu + Sumit – Next Day Edit

Ritu and Sumit are the kind of couple one can’t help but fall in love with- simply by observing how profoundly captivated they are by each other. While their wedding was vibrant, full of colors and traditional sounds, good company and delicious tastes- it was an occasion worth celebrating because of the feel-good, harmonizing energy between the couple.

We have worked with the family on nearly a dozen weddings. Our last with them was 2 years ago, so it was a pleasure to see yet another couple in the family achieve this milestone together.

The pre-wedding festivities were warm, light-hearted and fun; Ritu and Summit truly seemed to share in each other’s shining-eyed excitement. Their creative baraat was an exceptional way to up the ante for the bride’s entrance and nervous as she might have been as she walked through those doors- her eyes never left Summit’s. Their remarkable chemistry undoubtedly provided a most satisfying ambience for the ceremony.

Their wedding was full of character, and the atmosphere one of love. Together, Ritu and Summit were celebrated not only for the spectacular time they provided their guests, but for the privilege all present were bestowed in seeing love at its best- youthful, fresh and passionate.