Shamsa + Nabeel – Official Trailer

Shamsa and Nabeel’s wedding was the kind that reminds us of what a marriage really celebrates- a shining new love between two individuals, their families, and a spirited sense of togetherness.

Each of their wedding functions was full of mirth, laughter and excitement- the guests seemed just as happy to be there as the bride and groom were. The decor was colorfully ornate and tasteful each day, and their reception backdrop incorporated a magnificently starry, shimmering fabric- something we are sure will become a trend in evening reception decor.

Shamsa made a beautiful bride, her use of jewel tones and warm hues in each of her outfits complemented her stunningly. Nabeel was a smiling, good-natured groom who wore his happiness as proudly as his wedding attire. Together, they were the picture of a blissful bride and groom, looking forward to their future together and surrounded by the company and well- wishes of their family and friends.