Destination Calgary – Emy + Nancy – Wedding Film

In our line of work, we are called upon to do all kinds of weddings. Big, small, extravagant, minimalist…you name it, and we’ve probably had the luck of capturing it. As a result, we have travelled across the world and have bore witness to many unique traditions and cultures. Days can be just as long as nights, jet lag must be quickly overcome and rest between trips is a commodity that is used sparingly. But when you love what you do, you learn more each time you do it- and Emy and Nancy’s wedding in particular, reinforced that for us in a very real and meaningful way.

We were no strangers to this family, as we worked with Emy’s sister four years ago and filmed her wedding celebrations in Nigeria (click here) and Toronto (click here).  A large, lively bunch with a lot of love to go around…we were excited to be a part of their lives once more.  The day before the wedding, we had another ceremony in Vancouver we were working on which ended at 11 pm. A next-day edit needed to be complete by the following day, but our team had a flight to Calgary at 7 am in order to make it to Emy and Nancy’s ceremony. By midnight, we set to work on the next-day edit, completed it by 5 am, rushed to the airport and within minutes were boarding our flight to Calgary. We reached our destination right on time and headed to meet Emy and Nancy as their wedding festivities were scheduled to begin shortly afterward. Thanks to the wizardly film-making skills our team has acquired over the last few years… we successfully managed no sleep in a total of 62 hours. (Loving what you do is definitely key for pulling something like that off. Not to be attempted otherwise.)

Emy and Nancy had a beautiful church ceremony and Nigerian style reception to follow. Their wedding was full of character, replete with colorful splendor, tasteful decor, and fantastic energy. To interested brides and grooms- there are lots of fashionable pieces to keep watch out for as well. Feathers are a big trend this wedding season and no wonder, when they look as gorgeous as Nancy’s feathered skirt does. She looked perfectly divine as she floated down the aisle in the halo of feathers that frothed around her bodice. Emy’s exquisite shoes made it very clear whose special day it was, and it’s always nice to see grooms take as much pride in their wardrobes as brides are wont to do. Red was the color of the evening, and it created a strikingly romantic and bold ambience. Tall crystal vases, glittering chandeliers and sumptuous florals were everywhere one turned. The many fabrics, textures and ornate headdresses donned by the bride and ladies in attendance were also eye- catching in their appeal. Every minute detail was worth noting.

In Emy’s touching address to his mother, we saw a side to him that is often difficult for grooms to reveal. His voice was still that of the little boy who needed the comfort his mother’s love, the gratitude he felt as a young man to her and the eagerness to share a new kind of familial love with the beautiful bride by his shoulder.

When one has the chance to capture life’s moments like that for a living, and forge strong bonds with different people as they experience milestones in their personal journeys…no sleep is not much of a price to pay.