Ali + Komal – Next/Same Day Edit

If there were ever an award for an outstanding display and range of colours in a wedding- Ali and Komal’s would be a top contender. Their use of mouthwateringly bright, invigorating colors is the quintessence of every decorator’s dream. Their switch to sheer, shimmering fabrics, glowing candlelight and cool, elegant whites for their reception decor was the perfect finish to their week of vibrant events.

The couple had a very traditional muslim ceremony and stylish modern reception. A visible chemistry shared between the bride and groom was noted in each event, for despite the conservative tone of certain rituals- the energy in the air was full of excitement and a new, sacred kind of love. Komal wowed their guests in her spectacular bridal attire and there was hardly a moment that Ali was not smiling. Both were looks that wedding fashion police would applaud.

Ali and Komal are both very family- oriented and it was clear that each of them had long desired a large, stylish wedding. It was indeed an occasion with plenty of family, good cheer and fun married with uniquely feel-good aspects like group performances, adorable messages for the couple, a breathtaking fireworks show and floating Japanese lanterns. It was truly a whirlwind of colors and deep emotions which even for us, too soon, came to an end. Congrats to the couple!