Farhan + Gopika – Next/Same Day Edit

It’s not too often that one hears about wedding etiquette for grooms. Of course he is expected to be patient with his overwhelmed and rattled bride, maybe surprise her with a gift before the ceremony and of course, he must smile gallantly at any painful mishap that may occur during the fated proceedings. Our groom Farhan, is an excellent candidate after whom groom etiquette should be modeled. He was impressively anything but passive and uninvolved.

We first met Farhan when we filmed his brother’s wedding, and it was great to be working with such a pleasant family again. He is a very professional individual, extremely organized and cares a great deal about presentation. He was attentive to detail and particular about what he envisioned for their big day. This highly complemented Gopika’s style, as she was a bit more unhurried and relaxed in personality, and cared primarily about everyone having a good time. You will notice how radiant a bride she makes with not the slightest cloud of stress over her brow. Future brides take note- this is the best beauty secret you’ll ever receive- if you want Gopika’s shining eyes and beaming smile that betray unmatched happiness, you’ll want a groom who can ably share in and alleviate the wedding pressure.

Their outdoor ceremony took place at the prestigious Turnberry Golf Club. Verdant hills, wine-red hues and seasonal shades of amber comprised the autumnal color palette of the natural landscape around them, enhancing their elegant tent and decor. The reception was a sumptuous affair at the Liberty Grande with lush accents that played upon the ivories, creams, whites and golds that are so au courant this season. Crystals, patterned fabric, soft candlelight and gleaming candelabras were just some of the notably jaw-dropping elements of their evening. Congrats to Gopika and Farhan for such a well- executed, beautiful wedding!