Yashi + Paul – Wedding – Official Trailer

What makes marriage so extraordinary is its unifying quality. It’s ability to transcend differences. Be it between two lives, two families and sometimes even cultures. Paul and Yashi’s wedding captures and celebrates the very spirit of this.

A very humble and soft- spoken couple -as evinced by this trailer of their wedding- many of its’ most poignant moments are the loving glances and physical affection they share that seem enough to make the world stand still around them.

Paul was very openly new to Yashi’s Sri-Lankan culture and practices, but his friends and family were equally excited to help him get involved and participate in the rituals. Yashi was just as magnificent in her efforts as she transformed from sri- lankan beauty in a traditional bridal sari to a fabulously fitting and detailed white gown, becoming of her fusion of tastes and styles.

For this couple, the magic of their festivities truly lay in the pride and happiness that shone in their eyes each time they looked at eachother. Throughout the entire weekend, there was hardly a more captivating aspect of decor, attire or moment of typical wedding fanfare to admire than that.