The Secret of Flamenco – Sunjay + Reshma – A Concept Film by Jawad Mir

When it comes to wedding planning, couples like to have the luxury of time to coordinate each detail to perfection for their special day. In our experience, 12 to 18 months is usually the happy medium. Ever so often however, we meet individuals who get right down to business- knowing exactly what they want, how they prefer it and when it needs to happen. Enter Reshma and Sunjay.

Within 6 months their entire wedding was planned, every vendor they wanted was hired and they coordinated with us frequently to produce a one of a kind concept film. From the initial stages of our creative brainstorming together, Reshma had a solid vision of what she desired. Energetic, artistic and eager to get started she let us know that she was passionate about Spanish culture and wanted their concept film to reflect that. Sunjay’s primary concern was that his lovely bride got exactly what she asked for, but he was completely trusting, cooperative and excited to see the end result.

The use of instrumentals and facial expressions are woven together to help narrate their simple but sweet tale of romance. Coupled with a few select locations and outfits, Reshma and Sunjay put on quite an original production. For all of our tech- savvy fans, for this visual treat we pulled out of our goodie bag our new RED epic and BMC cameras and filmed this project using RAW 4k and RAW 2.5K. The viewing experience is meant to feel like a dream and as per the script, may just leave you with few words. See for yourselves.