Prashant + Prema – Destination Wedding – India – Official Trailer

Just a few months before their wedding, enthusiastic groom Prashant contacted us all the way from Kohlapour, India to see if it was possible to hire us to film his wedding. Usually, we ask that local couples give us notice at least 9-10 months in advance of their wedding date, so Prashant’s proposal immediately sent us into an exciting trajectory of planning and packing.

It is impossible to travel such distances and not be persuaded to capture the locale, architecture and wildlife. They encompass a multitude of expressions, sights and sounds that are at the very heart of indian weddings. Prashant and his bride Prema, we discovered, were a very romantic couple and there are scenes in this official trailer that embellish it with a particularly appropriate Bollywood feel .

Due to her demanding schedule, we did not have the chance to meet Prema until the wedding, but Prashant was an impressive groom for taking the reins in organizing their ideas, communicating and coordinating with us. When we met him in person, we learned that he was a humble member of a very large family. Many of the festivities, including the wedding ceremony, were held at his home and this added a very loving, familiar feel to the mood of the events.

Together, Prashant and Prema upped the ante to the wedding weekend with a phenomenally choreographed performance at their Sangeet. Contemporary sounds fused with traditional colors and tastes- it was truly a feast for the senses. Now, millions of miles and memories away, here is a taste of that majestic weekend.