Gemma + Kartik – Next/Same Day Edit

One often hears of couples who meet through mutual friends or family and as luck would sometimes have it- things can progress over a simple cup of coffee. However, it is not quite so common to hear of two people falling in love at a coffee convention .

Yes, you read that correctly. Gemma and Kartik, both owners of Second Cup franchises met at a conference in Costa Rica – and as they both can now attest, the coffee beans weren’t the only thing there worthy of captivating another’s attention.

Gemma is a very sweet young woman with a distinctly appealing British accent. She is a huge fan of Bollywood and her rocking dance moves at her Sangeet were a testament to that. Although the viewer catches only a quick glimpse in this next day edit, our vibrant bride thoroughly enjoyed herself and danced alongside almost every single guest at the hall.

Her groom Kartik, on the other hand is a bit more discreet about his love for Bollywood dance moves and classic tales of love. He is a straightforward guy who loves family and because of this, is even more noticeably devoted to Gemma.

Although they have different personalities, what they certainly do have in common is an extraordinary knack for dealing with pressure. Their wedding ceremony was held outdoors and unfortunately, the heavy downpour of rain hindered a few plans. They did not have their photo shoot and the outdoor sound system could not be utilized, but the couple would not let Mother Nature get the best of their day. We like to think it was the beauty of the Costa Rican sun in the memory of their very first encounter- that caused their hearts and eyes to keep shining in the face of a little bit of rain on their special day.


Venues: West River & BelleVue Manor
Decor: Diya Decor
Photography: Five River Studio
Make Up & Hair: Shirley Wu Beauty Concepts
Planning: Sapna Weddings
DJ: Nspire Sound