Destination United Kingdom – Ayesha + Amir – Next/Same Day Edit

As we travel through the world to produce concept and wedding films for couples, one thing that stays consistent in our experiences is the tourist observation.

During the last eight months, we skyped with Ayesha and Amir over a dozen times to get to know their story and personality. Most of our meetings were with Ayesha due to Amir’s busy schedule at work. Not to take it away from Ayesha, who would finish her work late in the morning at the hospital and then will have the energy to talk for almost an hour at 3 am GMT time.

In this world, there are people who take time to open up to others but Ayesha and Amir don’t belong in that category. From our initial conversations, we hit off really well with them. A couple full of life, energy and humbleness.