Concept Film: Remembering Paris

Why is Paris called City of Love? There are dozens of ways to explain that but the universal reason is because this is where each year millions of people come to spend romantic time. Most of them are married or in a relationship or about to get engaged. But then there are those rare cases where people meet for the first time and fall in love to be married.

Samir & Susan who’s background is from India reside in United States and Paris. Samir is a Car enthusiast who makes his living by running a website for a small community in Alabama. On the contrary, Susan moved to Paris to continue her studies. So how did they meet in Paris? By meeting online first. Both met online and chatted not long before they decided to meet.

We spent countless hours on Skype with them. The purpose was simple. Not only to understand their story but to learn more about them as a couple before we traveled to India for their wedding.

This past December, our crew flew down to Paris with the couple to film ‘Remembering Paris’. Coming up soon is their wedding film, that was shot in Bangalore, India.