Nupur + Arup – Official Reception Trailer

As we are travelling across Canada for a very special project under our parent company Sky Blue Productions, we couldn’t resist but share Nupur + Arup Reception trailer. Currently, we are in Whistler, BC with some beautiful views. We will keep you in the loop about this project but for now enjoy this, before we head to Europe for another special project.

In life everything happens for a reason. And there was a reason, we started to meet Nupur 2 and a half years ago. Between then and now, we have met Nupur at almost a dozen weddings and she was an integral part for some of them. If you are a follower of our work, I am sure you have seen her in countless videos of ours. But among everything the most amazing stat is that she had to be a bridesmaid 27 times before her turn can come.
Nupur officially signed with us last year and her fiancee at the time Arup who works in New York was unable to meet us due to his busy schedule. At last when we did meet him, we realized why Nupur connected with him so well. A Cool, Calm and Composed customer.

Like any story, everything was leading up perfectly to their wedding date until Hurricane Sandy struck on the east coast. As per Nupur herself, “the pandit declared that the wedding has to happen with or without him”, naturally causing a stir. But our groom managed to arrive just a day before the festivities began.
Now that would have been challenging wedding to attend and edit for us too. Our heartfelt congratulations to the amazing Nupur and Arup. And much much thank you for allowing us to cover their special day which reunited us with 10 of our past couples.

You can watch their Next Day Edit here. For their Reception Trailer, we wanted to do something very special for Nupur. Having document almost a dozen weddings where she was a guest, half of those she played an integral part at. Keeping that in mind, we pulled of a surprise for her.