Amisha + Niranjan – Same Day Edit

As Amisha said in her speech, “if someone had told me in January of this year, that I was going to get married in 11 months, i would have been like, whatever”. We all talk about how time is required to get to know your partner before you can tie the knot, but when fate comes into play, you either need next to no time or little time to make your decision. Especially when the groom, in this case Niranjan, says “dude after meeting her, I realized she is exactly like me”.

And if words are not enough to prove it, you will definitely see that in our Same Day Edit. Both happy campers, full of energy and life. Especially in case of Niranjan, it appeared he was on caffeine all day long but that truly is his personality and Amisha’s as well.

We wish them all the best.