‘Being Competitive’ – A Concept Film – Sajnoor + Emanjit

Our job always becomes a little bit easier when creative couples or those already in the industry approach us for their wedding related events. Hence, the case of Saj & Em. Saj is a professional photographer who runs PhotoKitch.

Saj + Em recently got engaged and organized a 700 people engagement party in a matter of weeks. And after finalizing venue and other details, they came to us 10 days before their engagement event. It’s one thing for us to book an event and another to do a little concept film within a week. We are a firm believer of anything is possible as long as resources are there but to have 10 days to come up with a concept, film it and then edit it is pushing a little. And we told that to Saj and Em but their motto was that they have do this whatever it takes.
With a very little planning and developing the concept as we filmed, it was a unique task to achieve.