Shano + Tanya – NDE / SDE / Concept – ‘Let’s Talk Wedding Day’

The first time we met Shano was exactly 3 years ago. We were prepping for his friends Shawn + Sapna Music Video (Main Aur Mrs. Verma). As part of their bridal party, he committed himself and his time to the project. Not to mention, he was also the MC at their wedding as well. Over the years, we met Shano at countless number of weddings and yes he was the MC at their wedding as well. That’s what happens, when you speak well.

And Tanya came into picture a little later. Of course at that time, there was no set wedding date but both Shano + Tanya made it clear to us that eventually when they get married, they will be availing our services. We won’t lie, it’s always nice to hear that 🙂

So about a year ago, they came to us formally and went over their wedding details. One thing Shano and Tanya told us from the beginning is that they wanted to do a concept film but something simple, that reflects their personality. And as you know that’s always our goal.

Both Shano + Tanya are very articulate individuals and we wanted to highlight that by making it a fun yet simple film. Hence we came up with a concept called ‘Let’s Talk Wedding Day’. The idea here was to get them to talk about their upcoming wedding and then integrate it with their Same Day Edit.

Everyone does wonder how their wedding day will unfold, so we thought, wouldn’t it be great to see if the wedding day turns out the way they perceive it before hand.