Concept Music Video ‘Babe, Marriage?’

Our entire business model is based on word of mouth. And it’s always nice to hear that a couple saw our films somewhere online or someone’s house or simply at the wedding.

Jesleen and Jihad’s case is no different. Having seen our work at another wedding 2 years back, they came to us 18 months ago to inquire about August 25th, 2012 weekend. As always, we discussed their wedding and also an idea for a concept film. We didn’t really have anything concrete in mind but after few meetings, they presented us an idea of doing a dance music video on one of their favourite songs ‘Let’s Get Married’ by Jagged Edge.

We took that idea and incorporated their interests like sky diving, rollerblading as well as a mix of Arabic, Chinese and Indian cultures.

We will let the concept music video do the rest of the talking.