Saj + Jessica Next/Same Day Edit

Do Quirky and Calm go together? If you disagree, you may want to change your mind after watching Saj + Jessica in this Next/Same Day Edit.

If you haven’t already seen their film “Meeting at Pizza Hut”, please do so before watching this by going over here. There is certainly a connection at the end of that film and beginning of this.

This is probably the 5th wedding we have done this year where the bride lets the groom run the show. Since grooms are not used to dealing with wedding details, they normally end up going overboard. In other words, Groomzilla 🙂 Nothing wrong with that, in fact, we welcome that. We end up working with those couples who are both more or less heavily involved in their wedding instead of just one. Otherwise, there is no fun.

Saj + Jessica were definitely a pleasure to work with. As I mentioned, Saj is a very quirky type of a guy. He has a certain way of saying things that end up being humorous. Whereas Jessica is a quiet but very particular about what she wants. Their wedding had many unique factors but one that stood out was that they got married at Toronto’s International Centre, which to our knowledge has never held a wedding before.