Monica + Deepak – Next/Same Day Edit

We talk to dozens of couples every week and although most of them agrees to meet us, they all have initial disagreements throughout that first meeting. It could be that the bride wants something and the groom doesn’t really agree with it or vice versa. He will make his point and in the end either, it will be his decision or her desicion.

However, there are very few times where a couple will defy that logic. This is what Deepak and Monica represent. We met them a year ago and due to their busy schedules, they ended up booking with us a few months later. After the booking, we communicated over text, phone and Facebook. During many of our conversations, Deepak may have agreed with us and Monica necessarily didn’t. Deepak was a true gentleman by making sure that Monica gets what she wants.

In a nutshell, they are an amazing couple. Monica should consider changing her career and become a wedding planner. She had a folder listing the full itinerary down to the very second and on the other hand, Deepak is a calm individual. They are definitely soul mates made in heaven.