Destination – Punta Cana – Fiona + Ricky – Official Trailer – Part 2

Before I talk about the couple or the wedding, let me clearly explain the “Part 2” in the title. Ricky & Fiona had another wedding a month before this one in Toronto (we will be showcasing that eventually). That will be “Part 1”. Just wanted to show the sequel before the original:)

It is very rare that we get last minute bookings but whenever we do, most of the time, they turn out to be an amazing experience. Having seen our work at Saif + Somi’s wedding, Ricky & Fiona immediately decided to avail our services for both their local and destination weddings.

In almost every relationship, there is always one person who is more energetic or outgoing than the other one until of course with time, they both become very similar. In this case, Ricky is the more up beat and always looking for an adventure. Fiona on the other hand is a little different but is willing to tag along with all of Ricky’s crazies ideas.

We were in Punta Cana’s Majestic Elegance resort for almost a week and the wedding festivities occurred for almost a day. The rest of the time, the bridal party spent their time at the beach, pool and outdoor activities.

Although, we try to differentiate as much as possible from our previous works, here, we tried to make this an extremely different film.

We hope you enjoy it