Destination Norway – Ambreen + Javed – Next/Same Day Edit

We have always been blessed to work some of the most amazing couples around the world. Whether you call it pure luck or simply a perfect connection or whatever else, one thing is certain. It would never be possible if we didn’t have thorough consultations with them.

Ambreen and Javed contacted us from Oslo, Norway to cover their wedding in July of this year. They emailed us and as always our first response before anything was, let’s skype. And that we did. We video conferenced for good 45 minutes and learned about their story, explained our side of things and so on.
That then lead dozens of email discussions and few more skype meetings.

Aside from the concept film that we produced for them (which you can see at ), we also produced a Next Day Edit. From the beginning, the focus for the Next Day Edit was to produce something upbeat and energetic. After the first event (mendi), we were 100% sure that we would have to produce something extremely jubilant but romantic at the same time. Every wedding film, we produce, there is always an underlying theme. In this case, it was pure fun and dancing as the main element with sub plot being the couple’s wedding story.

Each and every day was full of vibrant colour and beautiful moments. However, our favourite parts were the mode of transportation that were used on each evening. At mehndi night, Ambreen entered in on a Rickshaw where as on the wedding day, Javed made an entrance on a Horse Carriage and last but not least, the reception featured them both coming on Rolls Royce.

Ambreen, Javed and our team literary spent 9 out of 10 days together in Norway and we had a great time. We would like to thank the couple, their families and friends for an amazing hospitality for 10 days.