Mohit + Kajal – Same Day Edit

In the world of south asian weddings, it is rare to see a same day wedding ceremony and reception. It does happen but rarely because there is this fear of things getting delayed (which happens also) and then everything gets pushed forward.

We have had the pleasure of working on quite a bit of Same Day Weddings and are always intrigued by how the couple transforms from something more traditional to contemporary. The outfits and make up change, the decor changes, everyone dresses differently but what remains constant are people.

Mohit and Khosla’s wedding was full of emotional moments and we had the honour of capturing it. And what made our job perhaps challenging and interesting is that it was a same day wedding. Like all Same Day Weddings, the pressure is a lot more on us since we have only 4 odd hours to put everything together to show the Same Day Edit at the reception. And this case was no different.

There is always something that inspires you to overcome any sort of pressure and with Mohit’s and Kajal’s wedding, it was simply them. Their calmness and happiness made our job putting the edit together in less than 4 hours very easy. It’s so true how they say you should surround yourself with positive people. Mohit’s and Kajal’s positive vibe is so powerful that people around them can’t help but be positive.

*Note: For those of you who are not aware of the difference between Same Day Edit & Next Day Edit, here is a little clarification for them. SDE is simply an edit that is prepared on and from the day off the event. Next Day Edit is when it’s from previous days. And then there is NDE/SDE when it’s a combination of both. Hope that clears things up for everyone.