Saad + Komal – Next/Same Day Edit

The best thing about weddings is that the most unexpected things take place. At times, a couple’s friends pull off a special performance or a family member says something embracing about them. In the case of Saad + Komal, it was something Saad did at the wedding reception. And it was something so special that we made sure it was included in the next/same day edit. So we literary had 23 minutes on the mark to get at least 30 seconds worth of shots in the final edit. What did he do? We will leave for you to figure out.

Now going back to the couple. For us it’s so important to meet and talk to the couple before anything. We don’t take any steps until there is a casual discussion. And most of our couples are working either outside of Toronto, Canada or even in some cases outside of North America. It becomes difficult to communicate with them. But like I said, it’s so important that we will make sure it happens.

Although Saad + Komal are both Torontonians, Komal has been in New York for a while for work and education purposes. We did meet Saad in person but ended up skyping with Komal during our meeting. And at times it can be difficult to feel a connection with the couple and especially, when they are not together. However, there is such great chemistry between these two that it was a walk in the park. We skyped/met once and after that things were set to roll.

And what connects them in our opinion. His calmness and her simplicity brings them together. Enjoy.