Anurag & Arshdeep – Next/Same Day Edit

There is always a moment during our first meeting with couple that ignites the fire that will burn for a longtime. In case, there isn’t (and there are some times when that happens), nothing happens and both of us go our separate ways.
In the case of Anurag (Ronnie) and Arshdeep, the moment was when Ronnie showed his excitement for wedding more than Arsh (Arsh and I have often called him Groomzilla:) ) as well as his passion about filmmaking. And it wasn’t Ronnie but it was also Arsh’s genuine understanding of his excitement. That did it right there for us.

They decided to fly us out for their engagement event to Vancouver, BC and then of course we were commissioned to cover all their events here in Toronto.
We always get close to our couples every year. With Ronnie and Arsh, it was no different. We spent good few days with them driving around and filming their concept film The Poem plus many skype meetings and uncountable text messages.
It probably will sound cliche but truly Arsh and Ronnie are the perfect walls for each other. They are there for each other when the one or the other needs support.

Our heartfelt congrats to both of them.