The Poem / Kavita – Written by Jawad Mir / Featuring Swaras

Arsh + Ronnie approached us last year for their wedding coming up in May of 2012 in Toronto. However, since Ronnie is originally from Vancouver, the engagement party was held there back in October.

Aside from using our services for their wedding day, they also wanted to create a concept short showcasing their home cities (Vancouver & Toronto) as well as their affection for each other. That whole idea gave birth to “The Poem/Kavita”.

Every couple’s story is unique and we feel it should be told in a unique way. To date, we have done bollywood music videos, short film with mafia theme, vintage silent short film and bollywood medley etc.

With Ronnie and Arsh, we wanted to try something out of the box as well. As always we went below the surface of their story and relationship. Once brainstorming became intense, we came up with a concept that will be filmed in Toronto and Vancouver. So what if it’s in Vancouver and Toronto? Sure it’s different but it needs to be unique.

That’s when we realized that there is no other way of telling their story than in the form of a Poem. And we did. We wrote a poem exclusively for them and their story. To take it one step further, we decided to hire a talented band “Swaras” to narrate and produce it. And boy did they do a fantastic job.
And to top it all, when we showed it at the reception, there was pin drop silence.