Saif + Samia – Next/Same Day Edit

A Wedding is about about two people who are in love and share similar yet opposite interests. Traditionally, the bride is more keen and interested in minor details as it’s the day she has a been looking forward to for a very long time.

However, things are changing now. Lately, there are few weddings that we have done where grooms have taken a keen interest in all the details That being said, Saif is one of those rare grooms whose eyes were glowing with happiness from the initial consultation. To backtrack, he was in one of the most memorable performances that we captured 2 years ago. He did a performance at his cousin’s wedding which led him to meet Samia.

He wanted everything to go perfect from the very beginning. Yes a groom. Normally that’s the bride’s department. He is one of the nicest and detail oriented guys we have ever met. From the grande entrance of mehndi to the unexpected ride for his wedding entrance, he wanted everything to be different and to our knowledge, it certainly was. Kudos to him.

Enough about Saif now let’s talk about Samia. If there is one person that Saif can be with it’s Samia. She literary drives and inspires him in every way. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. It’s all in his eyes. And if that becomes the basis of every relationship, nothing can come between the two souls.

In short, a true gem of a couple and we are extremely proud to have the chance to cover this fabulous wedding.