Zainab + Bilal – Next/Same Day Edit

Every south asian wedding is filled with colours, joys and smiles all around. However, there is one portion that is very emotional and can make the girl and her side of the family to cry. Some of you may know it as Doli others Vidaai or to some it’s called Rukhsati. Different words, but all have same meaning. This is where bride bids farewell to her family.

During all this, normally, the groom side is happy as they are gaining someone special but still portray themselves as serious due to the nature of situation. Having done so many of these weddings, we have seen almost everything but never seen the groom and his side of the family in tears as well. And believe it or not that even got to us.

Wedding is composed of everything from bride and groom to decor to the hall but mostly it’s the people that make the event memorable.
Zainab and Bilal’s friends and families are simply gems. Everyone from their immediate family to in-laws to cousins all showed so much devotion and love. Each and everyone did their utmost best to make their wedding unforgettable.

And what to say about Bilal and Zainab. Sometimes, words are not enough to justify someone’s traits. And literary we are speechless.