Aman + Parv – Next Day Edit

When was the last time you had a bride designing her own wedding outfits. That’s right, the bride (Aman) designed not only her wedding outfit but also 3 other outfits pertaining to her events. She then took those designs to India and had them made.

If that doesn’t impress you then get this. She had a strong hand in the decor for her reception. She made hundreds of paper cranes, designed flowers and many other details to make her dream day become reality.

Now even though, Aman did all this, what about the groom (Parv). Parv did what any good man would do. He supported her vision.
Aman and Parv’s wedding although very simple had a certain elegance to it. Their outfits and events literary were reflection of their personalities. To add to that, they had one heck of a wedding party. The bridesmaid and groom’s men were extremely outspoken contrasting to the couple’s soft spoken personality. They did and said the silliest things as you would witness in this Next Day Edit.

We have always believed that every wedding is about everything but nothing. Remember how everyone loved Seinfeld back in the day with absolutely no plot but different stories emerging into one. We feel weddings are more or less like that. They are all the same but it’s the things that take place from early morning until late at night that defines it. May it be the grand entrance or the dancing baraat or Much Ado About Nothing


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