Tasveer – Performed by Amit Paul – Teaser

We met Priya almost 3 years ago at her brother’s Shawn and his wife Sapna’s concept film back in 2009. Incidentally, that was the first time Amit met Priya as well. Small world.

We have known Priya for 3 years now and between now and then have met her at countless weddings. She is a shy, down to earth and simple girl who expects nothing from life but is always willing to give. As for Amit, we began seeing him at various weddings as well as time progressed. He is full of life, fun and quite opposite from Priya. Not that opposite but enough for them to be 100% compatible with each other.

Our most challenging task is to get to know the couple as a couple after they sign up with us. In this case, it was a little different. We already knew Priya very well but it was Amit who we grew to learn about in the past year. And believe it or not that’s always challenging. It’s easy to get to know two people and their tastes towards life, each other a lot faster but somehow very difficult when you already know one person and you have to get to know the other person separately. But we did and it was an experience getting to know him. He is one of those guys who is always looking to be better at what they do.

The birth of ‘Tasveer’ came into play when Amit told us that there is this one song from film ‘Pardes’ that he has always loved and wanted to see if we could do something with it. Upon listening to him, we knew he wasn’t professional but he had the potential to do something which was a very risky move. That is have him sing. He agreed to the idea.

From that point on, we hired professional services of a singer to make him sound better and tasteful. We all know that professional singers takes years to become great at their vocals and didn’t expect that but despite that, we feel Amit did a reasonably well job with the time at hand.

Watch the full and final version of ‘Tasveer’ the week of April 8th, 2012