Shafaq + Raghib – Next Day Edit

Shifa who has been an avid fan of our work along with her sister Nida, approached us in Fall of 2011 for her wedding in January 2012.

Having rarely done off season weddings, and meeting the bride and her sister, it was something we definitely enjoyed. Both Shifa and Nida had already watched most of our YouTube Channel and pretty much like many of our couples came to us with the mind set of booking.

As a boutique studio we are eager to meet both the bride and groom but unfortunately her fiancee Raghib couldn’t meet us until close to the wedding due to his work in Middle East but despite his unavailability, we were able to connect with him on phone.

He arrived here just few days before his wedding and we had the pleasure of meeting them in person.
Shifa + Raghib wedding festivities were full of colors and love. Both families were so hospitable as they looked after our food situation more than their wedding itself:)

At the 3rd and final day of our wedding, our entire team was a bit down because we knew it was the last day for us to see them all together.