Destination Winnipeg – Suri + Ruben – Reception

In June of 2010, we received a phone call just as we were closing office for the day. A Suri Dhaliwal from Winnipeg was calling to inquire about our Cinematography & Photography services. Normally, we request the client to call back during business hours, but on a whim, I asked Suri to call my cell 20 minutes later.

Twenty minutes later, I was out shopping with the family when Suri called back accompanied by her fiancée, Ruben Karla, on speaker phone. While my wife carried on with the shopping, I wandered around aimlessly, immersed as I was in the conversation, which lasted about 30 minutes. Even though I’d never actually met the couple (not yet that is), they struck me straightaway as clientele for whom we would no doubt do something very special.

Two months later, when the couple flew down to Toronto to visit Suri’s sister, we met up with them, even though it was our busiest weekend of the year. I had 45 minutes to spare in between a ceremony and a reception taking place at the Bellevue Manor in Vaughan. Suri and Ruben drove down there, where we discussed among other things their wedding

While we were in Winnipeg for 6 days, our team provided coverage for the couple’s pre-wedding events including mehndi, mayyun and chunni rasm, which was later followed by the Sikh ceremony and reception.

We always feel that getting to know the couple is the most important part of our service and in Ruben and Suri’s case it was no different. It was because we spent such a great deal of time with them that their chemistry translated onto the screen as beautifully as it did.