Jason + Indi – Next Day Edit

At each and every wedding, a specific event becomes a most memorable highlight of the wedding itself and the major underlying theme in our same-day or next-day edits.

At Indi and Jason’s wedding that highlight was the “Money at the Door” game. The game, for those unfamiliar with it, is similar to the “Chinese Door Game.” Following the marriage ceremony, the groom, along with his entourage of male friends and family, arrives at the bride’s house to “retrieve” his bride, as it were. His entrance is blocked by the bride’s entourage of female friends and family. Passage is only permitted when the groom hands over cash (large sums only) to the bridal party. Traditionally, the game takes place immediately after the ceremony, but in the case of this bride and groom, it took place much later and went on for a lot longer.

The groom and his entourage made the bridal party wait for over an hour before gracing them with their presence. If that wasn’t enough to annoy the ladies, the gentlemen then went on to play cards, have drinks and generally have a good time, making the ladies wait even longer for the request of passage. But the ladies were opponents on par. Watch for yourself, their method of reprisal.