Monica + Anu – Same Day Edit

 With all projects, it is our intent that we should meet the bride and groom first and foremost to ensure that we understand their vision and that they are comfortable with our work and our creative aspirations.

However, in Monica and Anu’s case, we had to settle for meeting just the bride initially, along with her father and uncle. Considering that Monica had already seen our work at another wedding event and was eager to have us cover her own wedding, the contract was settled straight away. After that, a date was agreed upon when we could meet up with both bride and groom, since Anu was unable to make it to that first meeting.

Anu is by far one of the most carefree grooms we’ve ever encountered. If our initial meeting wasn’t indicative of this fact, Anu’s disappearing act on the wedding day certainly was. Our team of cinematographers and photographers could not locate which room he was staying in at the Royal York Hotel and it seemed that no one else knew either. After about 45 minutes of fruitless searching, Monica began to panic and our team began to get the jitters too thinking that this would be a first in all our experience.

But we’re glad to say that all such concerns were baseless. Better yet, we managed to capture the phone conversation between Monica and Anu, once Monica had finally gotten a hold of him. (It was quite the conversation and we’ve no doubt that the footage we captured will be a source of good laughs for years to come).

The wedding was one of the most beautiful outdoor ceremonies we’ve covered. It was held at the Liberty Grande and was followed by a visually riveting reception at the same venue.

Warm Congrats to the Couple: Cheers!