Fahad + Ayesha – Wedding Trailer

Two words that don’t merely describe Fahad and Ayesha, but rather define them, are: calm and gracious. Film-Style’s first meeting with them was accidental, a chance run-in at a wedding show. But from that initial meeting and onwards, it was clear to us that Fahad and Ayesha were meant for each other.

The idea of an upcoming wedding conjures up a lot of images, most of them exciting and positive. But there is one less than positive element that threads its way into the most organized and the most meticulously planned of wedding events: chaos.

With all that’s going on at a wedding, something’s bound to go wrong. Take it from us: it’s inevitable. But most of the time, though the mishap tends to cause general madness, things get sorted out rather well. And the sequence of events tends to be universal: Something goes wrong, there’s a bit of a panic, and then–it’s all resolved. Fahad and Ayesha however, proved to be a couple that never panicked—not once. If they ever did, they hid it phenomenally well and not a soul was ever the wiser. You will certainly see their mutual and magic trait of calm in this wedding trailer. A three day wedding event composed of the Mehndi, Shaadi and the Valima.